Decorate your Home with blooming flowers

Decorate your Home with blooming flowers
Flowers are music of the ground from earth’s lips spoken without sound. Flowers cannot say anything to us with words but they understand us. We use flowers as a decorative item and also as a gift to be presented to our near and dear ones. And that’s why flowers are our greatest silent friends. While we decorate our space with flowers, all the dullness of our home changes to brightness. 

Here are a few suggestions on how you can decorate your home with these lovely blooming flowers:
  • To welcome your friends or guests warmly you can make a wreath of flowers and place it on the entry door.
  • On the entry table you can place a simple basket filled with your garden flowers. Jasmine would be perfect for this.
  • Keep small vases consisting short stemmed flowers in all corners of your living room.
  • Fill the stairs with large and tall vases and for these vases, select long stemmed flowers like Rajnigandha or Tuberose. 
  • To get an elegant look for your dining table, you can place table runners first and place small vases running just in between the table dividing the table into halves. Select crystal vases for dining table and place lilies, chrysanthemum, or spray roses.
  • You can use petals of fresh flowers like rose, especially the red ones and scatter them on a bowl of water and decorate with floating candles when you have invited friends for an evening. It would give a classy look to your space.
  • Use terracotta pots for hanging flowering plants in your balcony.
  • If you have a personal room where you sit only to study and listen music, you can place an antique vase there and keep white lilies there.
  • Tea roses, lilac, or lilac can be kept on bud vase for your bedroom.
  • If you have a home office, you can place any vibrant colored flower just next to your computer table. You may also keep indoor plants in a corner.

Not only beautifying your own home, with flowers you can also wish a happy birthday or anniversary to your best buddy. Get flower delivery in Bangalore using any online gift portal and offer a lovely surprise to your loved ones. Flowers never shy away from decorating our home and in bigger sense our lives. So, we are the ones who have to take good care of them in every way so that they keep on spreading its scent in our lives. 

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